Aerix eggs are available in the Credit Shop one or twice a year depending on the month in the year it was first available. These eggs take one minuet to incubate and MUST be completely incubated or else it will FAIL. Aerix are only available in four natural colors, those being natural, black, albino and achromatic. You can hatch the in achromatic during the month they are in the Credit Shop. They come in all dye colors execpt Uldavian. As you can buy them in the Credit Shop, they are available in Gold.

Description Edit

The planets are full of mystery and unexplored land, though most people fail to acknowledge the fact. Many surprises still await the inhabitants of Rescreatu. One of the most remarkable examples would be the Aerix. This fantastically colored Creatu was once well known to the people of the past but as their numbers dwindled they became forgotten. Presumed extinct, it's only recently that the species has been re-discovered, to the delight of many. Alas, though, their numbers aren't what they once were, and they aren't easy to find. Although small in size and somewhat delicate, the Aerix is fiercely intelligent. When the wild Aerix survived in great numbers their vivid coloring protected them by confusing predators; now it only acts as a beacon. Small groups now rely on their clever, intuitive minds for survival. The Aerix is generally a herbivore, however, if food is hard to find they must resort to scavenging. Even in the direst of situations, an Aerix will not approach a domesticated region to scavenge - they're naturally cautious and flighty around humans and larger creatu. In the case that an Aerix is successfully raised from an egg, you'll need to take care that they are treated well, or we may very well see the Aerix disappear for good.