Ahea Egg

Ahea eggs can be found on Atquati. It has 30% rarity and takes 44 minutes to incubate. Ahea eggs can be hatched in all natural colors and dye colors except Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Ahea can be found in abundance all over the shallow waters of Atquati; gathering together in large groups where food is plentiful. Although many Ahea share territory they are independent in nature, hunting small fish and insects on their own. They also feed on kelp and other water plants, sometimes treating themselves with water lilies and other flowering plants. The Ahea's powerful legs make them fast swimmers and high jumpers. They prefer retreat to avoid predators rather than fight but they can deliver powerful kicks when they have to. Ahea lay eggs in clusters buried in the sand or dirt just below the low tide line. After this, they will have nothing to do with their young and are just as likely to eat them after they hatch as any other Ahea. When the young hatch, they are completely aquatic, living off plankton and seaweed until they are large enough to start catching fish. When their legs get strong enough to support them out of the water they begin wandering farther and farther from the water or hunting from the lilly pads that dot many Atquian lakes. In captivity, Ahea retain their independent nature and require little attention. To keep an Ahea happy they require a large pond to swim and hunt in, as they prefer hunting live food to having pre-killed food given to them. Many owners will build a bridge over their ponds to enjoy watching their Ahea swim and forage. The Ahea do not mind this little interaction. In fact, if they are pestered too much they are apt to nip the hand that strokes them. When their basic needs are satisfied they enjoy exploring new territories with their owners and other Creatu.