Cyancu eggs can not be found on a planet as they come from Uldavi. But they can be bought in Kir's Prize Shop for 60 points. (For more information, visit Kir's Quest.) They take one minute to incubate. They come in all natural and dye colors except Gold. Just like the Ivik they come from Uldavi, and can be dyed Uldavian.

Description Edit

Cyancu are small, parasitic Creatu that live off of the blood of other species. Despite this, they are actually harmless to humans, and Creatu that they leech off of only show signs of dizziness or lethargy about twenty percent of the time and for a duration of about a day. They leap quickly from place to place on their hooved hind legs, making them difficult pets to keep track of. Generally they are obedient though, and don't get into too much trouble when left alone. Unlike most Creatu, Cyancu do not have eyes. Instead they emit mysterious psychic energy from the orbs on their bodies to perceive their surroundings. Young Cyancu never know their parents, because adults only ever go to their birthplace in the underground Uldavian caverns to lay eggs before returning to the surface. As they grow, babies will feed off of algae and fungi which thrive in the pools of stagnant water where they live. Because they have no legs at birth, they move by secreting large amounts of slimy saliva to slide across the cavern floor until their limbs begin to grow in. Throughout their transformation into adults, they eat ever-increasing amounts food until they crave more than plant-life from the caverns when their forelimbs have fully developed. This marks the end of their childhood and the beginning of their journey to the surface. Upon leaving their birthplace underground, Cyancu leave their old dietary habits behind, now feeding off of the blood of unsuspecting Creatu that they come across. Their saliva has sedative properties that, when they bite their host will keep them asleep until they have had their fill and are on their way again. This effect lasts only a short couple of minutes, and the only real evidence of a Cyancu feeding is a very small Y-shaped mark where the mouth was placed. After some time has passed as an adult and they have fully adjusted to their new lifestyle, a Cyancu will find a mate and return to where they were born to lay eggs which they use saliva to safely fasten to the underground cavern walls and their cycle of life continues on.