Cyid eggs are available in the Credit Shop one or twice a year depending on the month in the year it was first available. These eggs take one minuet to incubate and MUST be completely incubated or else it will FAIL. Cyid are only available in four natural colors, those being natural, black, albino and achromatic. You can hatch the in achromatic during the month they are in the Credit Shop. They come in all dye colors execpt Uldavian. As you can buy them in the Credit Shop, they are available in Gold.

Description Edit

The Cyid is an interesting Creatu that lives it's life in two worlds, the physical and the astral. Moving between these two worlds at will, Cyid feed not only on the food that all fish of the deep eat but also on psychic energy. The easiest way to gather this energy is to absorb it from dreams. As such, they are drawn to dreams; the more vivid the dream the more enticing it is for the Cyid.

When Cyid get nervous they shift either partially or fully into the astral world. Sometimes the faint glow from the tips of their tails and whiskers and the single scale on top of their heads can still be seen after they shift. This has brought about stories of strange creatures lurking in the deep oceans.

Given this Creatu's dual existence, they have abilities that many in the physical world would consider supernatural. They are fish and, as such, are most comfortable in the deep waters of the ocean where they make their home. However, they can levitate out of the water and use their powers to collect moisture from the atmosphere around them so they can always breathe. The more energy the Cyid draw from dreams, the stronger their ability to levitate. The more humid the air is, the less energy the Cyid require to survive out of water. Places like deserts are difficult for them to survive in and they need to have a constant supply of psychic energy. Wild Cyid rarely have enough energy to survive out of water for very long.

Due to their isolated habitat, it is difficult to tame one of these Creatu from the wild. It is mostly adults that meet humans and these are quite set in their ways, fearing to enter the mysterious dreams of more intelligent creatures than those that lurk in the deep. However, if raised from an egg they form strong bonds with the one that hatched them, becoming addicted to the sweet taste of their dreams.