Divuin eggs are native to Reiflem and can be found during the Christmas seasonal eggs hunt. It takes 90 minuets for these eggs in incubate. They are available in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt for Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

In a time long before humans so widely inhabited Atquati, far fewer Creatu than we know of today called the planet home. Of those few Creatu the Divuin was one, and with few others to compete for food with, populations thrived all across the planet's surface. However, as more predatory Creatu began to arise over time the Divuin themselves became prey, and their own food was harder to find in this more competitive world. With their numbers dwindling the remaining individuals instinctively migrated towards the frozen north, where they would be beyond the reach of most predators.

In the years that followed, though, no more Divuin were seen at all; their old territorial ranges were devoid of them, and no trace could be found in the place they had supposedly migrated to. It seemed that they had become extinct. However, in truth, they had become trapped. The year of their migration, the Divuin had retreated into the frozen caverns in order to hatch and raise their young away from the hostile Atquatian blizzards to which they were not yet suited to dealing with year-round. By the time they came to emerge, the cavern entrances had frozen over as they did every year. As a last effort to survive the Divuin entered a state of stasis, in the hope that a day would come wherein they could awaken and thrive once again.

Divuin live primarily by instinct and acting on impulse in the present moment. For that reason, they tend to have a poor capacity for planning ahead. When raising a Divuin, it is important to remember the Creatu's dependence on you for reassurance and support; in the wild Divuin strengthen their confidence by grouping together and therefore they will not feel completely secure without someone trustworthy nearby. If you prove to be a proficient planner, then your avian companion will look upon you with immense trust and respect. It is also advised that they be raised with at least one other Creatu companion, so that they don't feel too vulnerable if you have to leave them alone.