Kayoki eggs can be found on Scria at 5% rarity. It takes 38 minuets for the egg to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt for Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Kayoki are often described as fluffy bundles of mischievous love. They are curious by nature and like to get into absolutely anything they can. They will knock over trash cans and sneak into houses just to see what's inside. They have been known to wake entire neighborhoods with their nocturnal antics. It is mostly the young ones that get caught. As they grow they become more sneaky and aside from the occasional overturned trash can leave only a silent trail of destruction.

Even in captivity Kayoki are known to leave entire rooms turned inside out in their curiosity. Despite this unfortunate trait, they are adored for their loving personality. Captive Kayoki will shower their owner with affection, doing everything from greeting their owner at the door when they return to cuddling with their owner as the pair go to sleep. Sometimes this affection can get out of hand, especially when Kayoki owners wake up in the morning to find several of their own belongings laid out on the bed as gifts.

Although Kayoki may be cute and loving, they are fierce hunters. Kayoki owners never need to worry about pests in their homes as the Kayoki will quickly capture and eliminate anything that should not be inside. They will often sneak out at night to hunt for food and occasionally leave their owners a hunting gift for the morning. If you can get past the curiosity and presents, the Kayoki is an excellent addition to any home.