Meiko eggs are native to Reiflem. It has 10% rarity and takes 40 minutes to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye color execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Meiko are strong, aggressive Creatu. Fierce predators and highly territorial, they are exclusively carnivorous and require large territories to hunt in. They are prideful Creatu and hate bowing down to another or sharing their meals so confrontations arise often if one Meiko enters the territory of another. Their pride also prevents them from scavenging except in the most dire of circumstances. Even then they will do it in secret when they think no one else can see them. They do not have claws but they use their necks and tails in a similar manner to that of a snake while hunting, holding their prey in place with their razor-sharp teeth.

After they mate, the male leaves the female's territory and the female rears the young on her own. Once the young are old enough the female will chase them out of her territory. Should they attempt to return for any reason she will drive them out as she would any outsider. While they are still growing, Meiko learn how to use their tails almost like a human hand. Their tails are used for anything from picking up small objects to tying their prey down so it cannot move.

Meiko are difficult to raise and nearly impossible to tame. Their aggressive nature makes them prone to charging other Creatu in a home. If given plenty of food from a young age and taught that there is no need to protect their hunting grounds these tendencies can be nearly eradicated. It is these tendencies that make them highly prized as guards and the wealthy often keep them around their grounds to ensure they sleep soundly at night.

The Creatu in this egg grows to the approximate size of a wolf. It can fly and run at incredible speeds, and it needs to. This creature is the smallest of the major predators within its range but can easily become a snack for one of the larger carnivores. Their ashen coloration hides them well within the obsidian rocks that manage to survive the heat of their planet. If not reared from the egg they see humans as a prey item. They are exclusive carnivores as the fires keep many plants from growing at all. If you can tame one that was not hatched directly from an egg, you are extremely lucky. Their favorite snacks are small rodents and flightless birds.

Stages Edit

Mutant Meiko can be dyed any color execpt Gold, Trance and Uldavian.

Undead Meiko can come in all natural and dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.


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