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Welcome to Rescreatu Wiki

Rescreatu is a fast growing online virtual pet site, where users can discover a wide variety of different eggs they can hatch into pets that grow over time to adults as you train, feed, care, and interact with them. There are four planets that can be explored in Rescreatu, and many different items to be purchased, sold, or stored in various collections. Rescreatu is a simple and enjoyable virtual pet game with over 130,000 active users.

EDIT: Rescreatu has been around since 2006, yet their userbase is about 500-800 users log in every day (not 130k people- the economy would be MUCH better). Also, make sure to watch out for the staff members- some of them are okay, but most of them are greedy and heartless and aren't scared to delete everything you hold dear and close. So make sure you don't share your opinions about the site if you want to join! If it's good opinions they're allowed though. Many people have had their opinions removed from the forums, blogs, or really any form of communication on the site- they'll even check your rmails to make sure you're not "doing anything illegal"! Many of the things don't work, from the job tower to the fighting system to parties. The owner of the site, Patrick, has recently returned, so hopefully he'll be able to make it better! Just remember- no one on this site is your friend. Most of them just want your money. If you do find someone on this site that is actually nice and caring and sweet, remind them to not say anything against the system so they don't get banned either! Also, if you want any rare pets, you're going to have to pay extreme amounts of tu that most users can't get, or spend actual real life currency in order to get them. Either way, it's pretty awful. Good luck, and I hope the staff don't ban you when you get really nice pets so they don't steal them! :)

BTW- Try Mweor it's much better :D

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