Roditore eggs can be found on Reiflem. They have 2% rarity and takes 29 minuets in incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Roditore are inquisitive Creatu, always poking around to see what they can dig up. They are notorious for finding treasures throughout Reiflem, from beautiful rocks to long-lost artifacts. Most of these they line their nest with to give their friends and family something to be jealous of. They are some of the only living creatures that can dig through the hard rocks of Reiflem at any time of year and make their homes in self-dug caves. They usually live in small groups for safety and so there is always someone around to take care of the young, but the scarcity of food on Reiflem makes larger groups dangerous.

The young are born into a tight family unit in the dark of a rocky cave. Before they even start moving enough to see the light of day they begin digging small holes in the rocks, hardening their claws. The entire family brings bugs back to the young and the adults that stayed back with them. On rare occasions the young will get a special treat of a small mammal if the hunters were particularly lucky that day. Roditore rarely leave their family units unless it is to mate. In this situation the males will join the families of the females.

Keeping a Roditore in the home can be difficult. They grow bored if they are not stimulated and when they are bored they dig. It is one thing if a bored Zenirix digs up your backyard, but it is an entirely different one to come home to a large hole in the floor. Many Roditore owners hide things around the backyard and house before they leave in the morning so their Roditore will have little surprises to find throughout the day. When kept properly stimulated, Roditore are wonderful and loving pets that will treat you like family forever.