Shaefu eggs are available in the Credit Shop one or twice a year depending on the month in the year it was first available. These eggs take one minuet to incubate and MUST be completely incubated or else it will FAIL. Shaefu are only available in four natural colors, those being natural, black, albino and achromatic. You can hatch the in achromatic during the month they are in the Credit Shop. They come in all dye colors execpt Uldavian. As you can buy them in the Credit Shop, they are available in Gold.

Description Edit

No matter how far back one looks, they cannot find a time when the Shaefu wandered the wilds of any planet. This is because they are the only known Creatu to have been specifically bred by humans. No one knows what Creatu was chosen to create these magnificent creatures. Much speculation points to the Zaphao for the fangs and heavy build but others say they are descended from an extinct Creatu. They are the favorite pets of Scrian royalty and were a closely guarded secret for many years. Rumors circulated of a majestic Creatu hidden among all the other secrets royalty kept, but it was not until relatively recently that this secret was confirmed.

They were originally bred as ornamental Creatu. Their sole purpose was to look beautiful for the royalty that kept them and to impress important visitors. Those with the biggest manes and longest tusks were selected to be bred with one another to create even more extreme features. Those with thin tusks were not allowed to breed as an easily breakable tusk would need more care and be more likely to lose their distinctive features. However, the fact that the tusks are still just elongated teeth cannot be forgotten and great care must be taken around them. They will not break easily but hitting them can cause the Shaefu great discomfort. Because of these tusks, they require special feeding dishes, although being hand fed is a treat they enjoy greatly.

Shaefu are carefully bred to have an even temperament and a relaxed and loving personality. Shaefu are great with kids despite their size, although care should be taken to remind the child not to yank on the tusks. Shaefu are generally quite lazy when they are not playing so they require several hours of play daily to keep their weight relatively low. On occasion the Shaefu has been known to assume the position of a guard dog but they are much more likely to be seen enjoying a nap in a patch of sunlight.