Sirlion egg

Sirleon eggs are found on Atquati. It has a 10% rarity and takes 32 minuets to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.


The Sirleon is quite large. They can be rather intimidating when fully grown because of their extravagant manes and flaring fins. Despite their appearance, however, Sirleon are very friendly and love nothing more than helping others whenever they can. They have been known to nudge tired swimmers back to shore or appear beside ships when a sailor has dropped something important overboard.

Although they are friendly, they are not dependent on others to keep them happy. Someone raising a Sirleon as a constant companion will be sorely disappointed. They like to go off on long expeditions on their own and prefer to not cling to a single person. They are just as happy exploring the depths alone as spending time with someone. Many Sirleon do not like being confined and will become antsy if they are forbidden from swimming on their own.

Despite not having gills, Sirleon can remain underwater indefinitely. They have special flaps in their nostrils that act exactly like gills. These flaps are only deployed underwater so Sirleon can also spend extended amounts of time above water if necessary. Sirleon may vanish under the sea for weeks at a time, but when they return they are sure to have a wonderful treasure in their grasp. Treat a Sirleon well and give it its space and you will have a wonderful companion.