Valabex eggs can be found on Scria. They have 6% rarity and takes 30 minuets to incubate. The come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Valabex lives in the northern lands of Scria where the clouds rise like mountains into the sky. Because they live in one of the coldest climates, they have adapted to their environment by growing a triple layer of fur. The outer fur is extremely soft and fine, and often coated with ice in the wild. The second layer is very thick and slightly oily, an adaptation which keeps out moisture. The third and final layer consists of thick, wiry hair that weaves itself together close to the skin, acting as an insulator against the high winds. Very fine hairs also grow around their hooves, allowing them to jump and run on the icy clouds with very few slips.

The Valabex may sound like it is all fluff, but that is hardly the case. Their horns begin to grow before they hatch, so even an infant Valabex has two sharp defensive weapons to help protect it. These horns spiral ever thicker and longer, and are an effective tool at helping to determine their age. When two Valabex have an argument, they may resort to using their horns on each other; locking their horns together and twisting and pulling each other until one finally breaks away in an admission of defeat. Another source of defense for the Valabex is the long ears. It is very difficult to sneak up on one of these awesome Creatu when it is in its natural habitat, though its sense of smell and vision are average at best.

A Valabex's heavy fur is often harvested in warmer months in order to weave a warm, thick cloth. Most of them enjoy the harvesting process. It involves combing the layers of fur with special brushes, relieving the itch they feel when warm weather triggers a shedding stage. When raised as a companion, the Valabex is very affectionate and stays as close to its fellow Creatu as possible, as they instinctively gather in herds. If you chose to care for one of these glorious Creatu, make sure you have a few companions around so it does not lack for the companionship it desires.