Zaphao eggs can be found on Scria. They have 2% rarity and takes 20 minuets in incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Zaphao is a tough, social Creatu. They live in small groups, often consisting one or two mated pairs and their young. These groups are complex hunting units more than anything else. Zaphao are at a disadvantage on the cloudy terrain of Scria as most of their prey can fly away with ease. To counteract this they have developed nearly unrivaled climbing ability and unique hunting methods. Half the group will climb the cliffs to flush out their prey, and the other half will capture it before it can fly away. They like to hunt in storms as these amplify their electric strikes to better stun their prey and provide good cover.

Young Zaphao climb on absolutely everything, including annoyed family members. Unfortunately, as they lack the claws to grip the rocks of sheer Scrian cliffs they often get themselves into trouble and need to be under nearly constant watch. Adults usually leave them in a cave when they hunt to keep them out of trouble. When they are old enough, they start going on hunts with their families to learn the techniques necessary to take down their prey.

They make excellent pets for those that enjoy physical activity. They will take any excuse to be lazy and gain weight quickly if they are not exercised regularly. If given the choice between difficult hunting or being fed easily by humans, Zaphao will not hesitate to discard their freedom to live with a human. In captivity, Zaphao can be trained to use their lightning to battle, using it not only to stun their opponents but also to amplify the strikes of their claws. Zaphao tamed from the wild are generally more difficult to train as their natural hunting instincts are already well-established.